With DENCODA’s sensitive and advanced DNA-linked probe, researchers, scientists, and physicians can scan and detect disease biomarkers early.

From measuring various cancers and inflammatory diseases, to serving as a kinase or protease inhibitor, our technology unlocks new possibilities for early diagnosis and treatment.


Linked to a patient’s DNA, our proprietary probes can be customized to detect any enzyme with precision, accuracy, and specificity. With our innovative platform, DENCODA aims to unlock new frontiers—by detecting the earliest onset of disease, patients gain unprecedented access to earlier intervention and treatment options.

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DENCODA’s suite of products include disease biomarker detection and drug discovery platforms.

Our products


Osteoarthritis impacts millions of people each year—but with early intervention, the disease is preventable. With the OsteoACTIVUS test, physicians and providers can detect early signs of osteoarthritis, 1000-fold better than other diagnostic tools.

KinaseACTIVUS Test

Over 400 diseases are connected to kinase disorders. Kineases, a class of enzymes, are connected to cancer. With our KinaseACTIVUS test, clinicians can precisely diagnose and personalize therapy.

ProteaseACTIVUS Test

Proteases play a key role in the development of cancer, including tumor growth, cell invasion, and metastasis. With the ProteaseACTIVUS test, physicians can better detect protease production.

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