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Our DNA-linked probes empower clinicians and researchers with precise, accurate, and specific insights, driving better care and healthier outcomes.

One assay for many applications.

DENCODA’s proprietary DNA probe is currently designed for three core uses: Osteoarthritis, Kinase enzymes, and Protease enzymes. However, our technology can be leveraged to detect any enzyme—leading to new breakthroughs.


More than 32 million adults are impacted by osteoarthritis in the U.S., with geriatric patients and individuals suffering from obesity at a much higher risk.

Despite the prevalence of osteoarthritis, very few precise diagnostics tools exist, underscoring an urgent need for early detection tools.

KinaseACTIVUS Test

More than 400 human diseases and various cancers are connected to kinase disorders. With the human genome itself containing over 500 kinases—a class of signaling enzymes that drive cancer growth—the ability to measure kinase activities plays a critical role in improving outcomes for cancer patients.

ProteaseACTIVUS Test

Most cancers are identified at advanced stages, making them difficult to treat and recover. Detecting elevated proteases—which are highly involved in the early stages of tumor growth, cell invasion, and metastasis—can have a transformative impact on the development of cancer in patients.

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Partner with DENCODA to access cutting-edge assays for your specific enzyme of focus. Because most diagnostic tools and existing assays lack sensitivity and accuracy, existing tests cannot confidently detect disease at its earliest stages—which puts patients at a greater risk of serious disease progression.

DENCODA’s best-in-class approach to DNA probes provides an untapped resource to identify enzymes and detect disease before it begins.




For patients, access to a proprietary DENCODA DNA test provides unprecedented clarity into possible signs of disease. This quick and easy diagnostic test provides patients with early insights, increasing access to potential medical interventions with greater opportunity for treatment success.

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