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One highly sensitive DNA test that measures and detects early signs of osteoarthritis and cancers—so patients can receive the preventative care they need and professionals are equipped with transformative insights.

One test.
Multiple uses.

Our proprietary DNA-sensing technology works by measuring and detecting numerous diseases before symptoms start to show. From osteoarthritis to cancer, DENCODA’s technology identifies key biomarkers—all thanks to a precise, versatile, and comprehensive probe.

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Take the first step in the hybrid molecular and biochemical diagnostics revolution.

Researchers and healthcare professionals today need better tools to drive new disease insights and improve the quality of patient care.

Solutions that transform lives

All it takes is a blood sample. With DENCODA, healthcare professionals and researchers can serve patients with precision and accuracy.


Explore a new revolution in diagnostics with the DENCODA activity probe technology. With ultra-sensitivity and multi-targeted activity, our technology is ideal for research institutions to gain new disease insights.

Healthcare professionals

Detect diseases early with ultra-sensitivity and superior specificity. DENCODA’s technology provides valuable clinical information to healthcare professionals about their patient’s disease.

Backed by an experienced team of subject matter experts, game-changers, and innovators.

We’ve been designing, building, and implementing diagnostics tools for more than 20 years. As a team, we’re uniquely positioned to drive our industry into the future.

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